We are the manufacturer of the QUADRO toy system, from which parents can construct customizable ball baths, climbing frames and entire playscapes for children from 6 months to 8+ years. The QUADRO PLUG-IN-SYSTEM ensures quick, safe and above all easy assembly and disassembly. QUADRO is produced in Germany and exported to over 60 countries.

With us, over 40 years of professional experience meet a young company, combined with a significant growth in sales in recent years.

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We are always looking for a creative talent!

With us, you can show what you've got. So if you want us to get to know you, take the initiative and apply now. Send your application including references at any time to karriere@quadroworld.com.

We can't promise anything, but we'll be happy to take a close look at your application explaining why you're important to our team!

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