Play centres for schools and businesses


QUADRO was developed over 40 years ago together with the German Technical Inspection Association TÜV. One of the goals was to develop a toy especially for kindergartens in indoor and outdoor areas. The associated high quality standards explain the professional and complex application possibilities! Especially in childcare you need to be agile and flexible. QUADRO is just right for you, as you can customize and expand it just as your little clients need it.

Waiting areas

Your target group is families and you want to offer something special to both parents and children? Then a QUADRO play center is a wise investment. You'll be rewarded by an easy-to-maintain construction system that you can maintain and expand without the need for skilled personnel. And if your store layout changes, perhaps because you want to offer other products, QUADRO can be creatively adapted to the changed space conditions.

Play areas

Whether you want to offer your gaming services indoors or outdoors, QUADRO will adapt to your needs in the best possible way. Take a look at some of the largest playgrounds we have in our range.

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