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EAN: 4260187755810

With the luxury pavilion, a stable roof construction including roof textile ensures a homey and safe feeling for your children. The look of the luxury pavilion is also unique and stands out from conventional toy products.

The Luxury Pavilion looks more like an elegant accessory for adults in the garden, which, however, can be played with and used by your children to their heart's content. Of course, the luxury pavilion has the typical QUADRO quality features and is indestructible, stable and durable. By the way, the roof textile can be removed in a few seconds and if it is ever necessary, you can clean the luxury pavilion again in no time with a high-pressure cleaner from a hard day's work in the playground.

Optionally available are the following extensions for your luxury pavilion:

  • Play mat set for luxury pavilion
  • Pool liner for luxury pavilion
  • 1x Luxury pavilion (54145)
  • Construction Handbook
  • Safety Instructions / Tips

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