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EAN: 4260187750228
Rev. 10.22 - Color change with slight marbling. UV protection and coloration strongly raised. Surface polished and more dirt repellent. Durability improved.

Children love slides. How much more so one that gives you that roller-coaster sensation! Sporting a green and yellow design, kids will love it at first sight.

STARTER available separately

UNIVERSAL available separately

The Curved Slide is perfect for compact designs for limited spaces. It can be used either in the home or the backyard.

The Curved Slide is fully compatible with the entire QUADRO product family. It includes 73 parts: the green slide body, the yellow runout and all the necessary tubes and connectors that provide a stable support base. Note: The top of the slide must be attached to a platform that is 2 cubes high (85 cm / 33 in).

UNIVERSAL and POOL L available separately

To convert the Curved Slide into a fun water slide, simply attach a garden hose (with adapter) to the hole at the back of the slide. By combining the Curved Slide with a Pool L (11670), a unique backyard water park is created!

Note: The top of the slide must be attached to a platform that is 3 cubes high (125 cm / 49 in). Then the bottom of the slide attaches to the rim of the pool.


  • Curved shape enables the construction of very compact designs
  • Sliding length is about the same as our other slides
  • Includes a water hose connection
  • Compatible with the entire QUADRO range — whether recently purchased or already 1979
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors in winter and summer
  • Dimensions: 125 x 85 x 90 cm
  • 1x Curved Slide Body (10023)
  • 1x Curved Slide Frame (10024)
  • 1x Curved Slide Screw Set (10025)
  • 1x Slide Runout (10034)
  • 3x Key (00655)
  • Construction Handbook
  • Safety Instructions / Tips

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