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Game table with 4 chairs

The classic from the 80s!

The QUADRO table with four chairs is an absolute classic from the beginnings of QUADRO. Uncomplicated and quickly assembled, the table with four chairs is easy to handle and - typical QUADRO - indestructible. Compactly designed, the small chairs in four colors are simply super practical and ideal for children in the dimensions. In addition, they can be pushed almost completely under the table and thus take up even less space.

The table with four chairs can be used indoors in the children's room or outdoors in the garden. Thanks to the highly compressed QUADRO individual parts, there is no risk of liquid or odor absorption, as is the case with alternative tables made of wood. This is particularly advantageous when your children experiment with liquids, sand and soil and you then clean the table and chairs with a garden hose or high-pressure cleaner, making it easy to put them back into position for use in the children's room or on the white carpet in the living room.  

Thereby, the possible uses are really versatile. From painting and drawing to creative baking and playing with miniQuadro small toys, everything is possible. Especially practical is the possibility of fixing a plate with the screws facing upwards, which can act as a storage space for the toys. If you install one or more plates in this way, you can of course undo it at any time. Typical QUADRO .

The table with four chairs is suitable for a total of four children and therefore also ideal for family celebrations, when the little ones should not necessarily sit at the adult table and you do not want to be afraid if food and drinks go wrong. No problem for QUADRO ! Afterwards, the table can be used again as usual for playing, painting and building. By the way, the table with four chairs was originally designed for kindergartens, because it can be transported quickly and easily and has no problems even with a tougher everyday play.

  • 1x game table with 4 chairs
  • Construction Handbook
  • Safety Instructions / Tips
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