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CAUTION: The perforated plate is not suitable for standing on.

The Hole Panel Set L includes 4 hole panels of 40 x 40 cm as well as everything you need to mount them.

When you add these special hole panels to your QUADRO model, you can give your little ones a sense of being inside something while still keeping an eye on what they are doing. The hole panel is reinforced, and like everything from QUADRO, has no sharp corners or edges.

Attention: Despite the reinforcement, the Hole Panel may only be installed vertically. It is not designed to stand on it.

If you want to build, for example, a play castle or climbing pyramid with playpen-like cubes, you will need two hole panels per side. With this set you will get enough to close all four sides.

In the example pictures you can see the hole panel as it used to make a playpen with tunnel and baby slide based on the QUADRO Evolution.

Evolution Available separately

  • 3x Perforated plate 40 x 40 cm - Blue (00412)
  • 2x perforated plate 40 x 40 cm - green (00413)
  • 2x 40 x 40 cm Hole Panel – Yellow (00414)
  • 3x Perforated plate 40 x 40 cm - Red (00415)
  • 40x Panel Screw (00621)
  • 6x Screw Key (00655)
  • Safety Guidelines

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