Baby Playcenter with Curved Slide

Baby Playcenter with Curved Slide

2,05 × 2,05 × 2,25 m
4,2 m2
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The QUADRO BABY PLAYCENTER is designed as a complete solution for children.

It offers three main playing options

The first play option is realized on the lower level of the Baby Playcenter. Here is the playpen-like part of the playcenter, which is closed off by the QUADRO wooden grids (00552-00555) and can still be seen very well from the outside. This playpen-like part of the playcenter can be easily filled with QUADRO balls (12600). By filling it with balls you get a fully functional ball pool. The QUADRO wooden grids prevent the balls from getting out into the open.

The second level and thus the second main play option is the observation tower. Experience has shown that children particularly enjoy observing what is happening around the Baby Playcenter from there. Here, too, the QUADRO wooden grids cleverly limit the children's range of movement without restricting their view of the environment or the parents' view of the children.

The most important feature for many users and the third main play option is the CURVED SLIDE from QUADRO, which is unique in the toy market. Not only does the CURVED SLIDE make possible the Baby Playcenter's particularly compact dimensions of only 205 x 205 x 225 cm (4.20 m²), but the CURVED SLIDE also intelligently rounds out the play experience with the Baby Playcenter.

More features

Transparent panels in parts of the Baby Playcenter always guarantee a full view into the Baby Playcenter.
The normal 40 cm high grid for the QUADRO steps has been reduced to a height of 20 cm in the Baby Playcenter, so that children of an early age can easily master the steps to the second level.
The roof section of the Baby Playcenter can be completely closed using the QUADRO roof net (10226).

The Baby Playcenter can also be built without the QUADRO CURVED SLIDE, if the children are still too small. In this case, the second level can also be closed by a special small wooden grid. In combination with the roof net and the special small wooden grid, the second level can be completely closed in this way.

The QUADRO Baby Playcenter shown here presents a unique concept

Toddlers can gain their first experiences climbing and sliding. Parents can use the Baby Playcenter in a variety of ways. The materials used for QUADRO are of course free of phthalates and tested according to EN14372 EU 2005/84/EC. The wooden grids are of course colored with natural dyes and are physiologically safe for children.

If you have any questions about the QUADRO Baby Playcenter, please write or call us. We will be happy to help you and look forward to hearing from you.


  • Age recommendation: 12 months to teenager
  • UV Stabilised / UV Resistant
  • No polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)
  • Environmentally friendly / recycling class 5 and 2

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